In-Door Service RSVP Form

In preparation for our In-Door worship experience, THIS Sunday (Nov 8th) at 10:30am, we’d like to know if you and your family will be joining us in the gymnasium.  

Who will be sitting with you?

Please complete this RSVP form with the number of adults and the number of children who will be sitting with you in the in-door service gymnasium. 

Checking Kids Into Class?

At this time, we will ONLY have classes offered for children 1st - 3rd grade. Please pre-register your child here: >> RSVP form for 1st-3rd grade classes 

Patio Seating Available: 

Optional seating will also be provided outside on our New Hope patio. 

Want More Details? 

Read all about what we are doing to keep everyone safe: Check HERE  

Reminder: 3 ways to worship with us: 

1) Outdoor Saturday at 6:00 pm (New Hope Patio) 

2) Online (

3) In-Door Sunday at 10:30 am. 


Yes, I will be attending and sitting in the gymnasium this Sunday, Nov 8 at the 10:30am service